Lacquer Miniatures From Kholui
Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful art forms to come from Russia are what are often categorized as lacquered miniatures.

What exactly is a ‘Kremlin’?
When I was young, I knew there was this place called “The Kremlin” and it was a place where the Soviet government conducted business and that outside of it there was this church and military parades. That is what I knew. That was it.

The Origin and Popularity of the Ushanka
One of the more common fashion accessories that are associated from Russia is the ushanka fur hat. The ushanka is made of real or faux fur and its distinctive characteristic is the folding down ear flaps that are held up by a string when the wearer doesn’t want them down.

Understanding New Years in Russia
The Russian New Year celebration is as big as many other celebrations. On New Years the Russian Santa visits children and pass out gifts.

The Russian Wholesale Market
Russian products are made all over the country, but it is impractical to go to each of the regions of the vast country to try to get them.

Are All Nesting Dolls From Russia?
It is true that there are some dolls that are created in these countries – where they have applied the same principles as the predominantly-made Russian dolls – but have created their own motifs. There are a few things that are specifically distinctive about a few of the countries’ creations that help you identify where they are from.

The World's Largest Nesting Doll
The largest nesting doll is considered the largest in the number of pieces it has, plus the height of the tallest doll.

The Ins & Outs of Sport Nesting Dolls
In Russia, there are a select few artists that paint nesting dolls that are intended to have a parody representation to various players on different sport teams. The work is done to make a sport fan smile and provide the collector with something to treasure for some time.

Discussing Russian Cuisine: Solanka
There are all sorts of urban legends and misunderstandings about Russian food. Unfortunately, most people think of potatoes and the beet-based soup “borscht” when they think of food from that part of the world. What I don’t think is well understood is how good the food is in Russia, with just the most basic ingredients.

Styles of Nesting Dolls
They are beautiful! They are unique! They are colorful! The variety is immense! But, is there a way to tell where your doll is from given its style? Well, for some, the answer is a resounding "yes"!

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