Enjoying Your Enjoyment

When Style of Russia opened its doors at its first location in Anchorage on June 1, 2001, the store design was intended to provide a breath-taking experience to its shoppers.  Russia packs a long history of culture and attention to detail in its art and artifacts.  The store hosted a large display of Russian Imperial Porcelain, paintings, beautiful Pavlovo Posad shawls, crystal, blown glass artifacts, wood carved statues, large and intricate nesting doll, and lacquer boxes from the villages of Fedoskino, Mstera, Kholui and Palekh.
We loved the expression of our store visitors who, almost unanimously, thoughts we had opened a museum and weren’t certain if our items we were displaying were for sale.  Within a few months, to meet buyers’ demands, we started including the more “fun” items such as sport nesting dolls, cartoon-based dolls, Christmas ornament sets and other novelties.

Stye of Russia CrestFor over 13 years, though, our pride in our offerings has never changed.  Whether we sell something from a brick and mortar location, any of the exhibitions we attend, or online, we thrive on feedback from customers who love, adore and cherish the items we sell.  We are energized by repeat customers who return to us for additional items as gifts for themselves or others, or to expand their own collection of beautiful artifacts.  We know customers have a choice and we work relentlessly to ensure the entire process of shopping, purchasing, and receiving their items is the best available.

When customers are excited about our products, we get as equally excited to make their experience even better, no matter what items they are purchasing.  Style of Russia is a passion for us – it allows us to work with great customers, and offer a great set of products for their gifts or collections.   We hope everyone who purchases from us can feel, in even the most subtle ways, how much we love to improve their experience.  For instance, when purchasing from us, we provide an information card on to provide that background story and relevance to the product.  This is sent as a follow-on email for those that purchase from us online.  We also offer discounts for returning to us for the next purchase.  For those rare instances where a customer decides to return a product, we make the returns process as hassle free as possible.

We would like you to try Style of Russia to fulfill your shopping list for Russian-made gifts and collectibles and hope that you will be as pleased with buying from us as we are with selling to you.

Published on October 20, 2014.

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