Past Politics to Russia's St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg RussiaAs I write this week’s blog, I realize that Russia has been getting some very bad press concerning its activities in the Ukraine.  I am not here to discuss the points of view or positions of various nations about this situation.  There is war, and war is tragic.  And I just wanted to remind our readers that the beauty of Russia extends beyond the ugly side of politics.

For those who have not visited Russia, my words will not be able to express what a beautiful country it is.  It is such a large country with so much diversity.  So, for this blog, I would like to just spend a few moments about one of its most fabulous cities, Saint Petersburg.

Saint Petersburg was architected and built under the order and supervision of Peter the Great who wanted the city to be a gateway to the rest of Europe and a city that would demonstrate the riches and culture of his empire.  Consider the wondrous potential of a city where its goals is to be more grandiose and beautiful than all the other cities of Europe.

Summer PalaceThe city is majestic, with rivers winding between the streets, gorgeous draw bridges, and amazing churches.  
Two places a person must visit during a trip to St. Petersburg are the Winter Palace and the Summer Palace.  These well-preserved residences from the time of the czars are now museums that will dazzle your eyes with some of the most stunning displays and beautiful designs.

There is too much to describe than a blog could ever contain. I can’t even begin to speak about the subway stations that have designing that is finer than the interior of most mansions in the United States, although I have provided a few sample pictures. Amazing.

Thank you for taking the time to get past the politics and for remembering the beauty of Russia, and getting a taste of one of its most beautiful cities, Saint Petersburg. You should visit. You will never forget your experience.

Published on October 22, 2014.

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