The Ins & Outs of Sport Nesting Dolls

Sports Nesting DollsIn Russia, there are a select few artists that paint nesting dolls that are intended to have a parody representation to various players on different sport teams.  The work is done to make a sport fan smile and provide the collector with something to treasure for some time.

In that sense, it is a delight to present these types of nesting dolls for sale.

There is a difficult side, though.  Players move teams.  So, nesting dolls that are painted that may have a name on the back can become outdated overnight.  It is for that reason that we do not stock any of the dolls.  When they are ordered, they are painted at that time for you…to ensure a relevant set of players.

The other thing to note is that these are not league-endorsed items, nor is there any intention for them to appear that way.  As each sport nesting doll is noted in the website, these dolls are parodies.  Logos are not of same color as official logos, nor are the shapes and dimensions accurate.  They are not meant to be and sometimes the collector forgets that and questions the quality of the painting.  League-endorsed sport nesting dolls are either (a) significantly more expensive for the detail sought or, (b) are significantly more poorly painted.
Bottom line is to enjoy the fun of being a fan and enjoy the sport nesting doll.

Published on November 21, 2014.

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