The Russian Wholesale Market

Russian Dolls in MarketRussian products are made all over the country, but it is impractical to go to each of the regions of the vast country to try to get them.  So, most retailers are able to get their items from the market in Izmailovo.  Izmailovo originally the hometown of Peter the Great would later become the site of the 1980 Summer Olympic Games. 

The market is open daily and visitors can find every type of Russian item; souvenir icons, nesting dolls, ushanka hats, soviet-era clothes and pins, shawls and a litany of amazing collectibles.  However, beware the price.  Just because you get something from Russia doesn’t mean you are paying prices that are better than the prices stateside.

kremlinThis is because retailers, like Style of Russia, come to the markets one day a week that is opened specifically for wholesale commerce.  Style of Russia gets a notable quantity of its nesting dolls, carved Santas, shawls, ushanka hats, ornaments and icons from the market on wholesale days.  The vendors bring in their goods from all over to the market on such days, saving the buyers, like us, from having to travel everywhere.  The picture included in here shows what a typical booth may look like that offers a wide selection of nesting dolls.
Izmailovo recently built a kremlin – an open air museum and wedding complex.  This new kremlin is absolutely gorgeous and is an amazing addition to the Izmailovo Park – one of the largest parks in the world that is also 3.5 times the size of Central Park in New York City.

If you ever go to Izmailovo, bring a lot of cash because there are too many beautiful items to buy and you won’t want to be on a small budget.  Also, be ready to enjoy amazing Russian food; the vendors come around in various carts selling kebabs, tea, coffee, kvass and other amazing treats to help you maintain energy during your shopping!

Published on December 10, 2014.

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