St Petersburg Russian Faberge Collection: Peacock Trinket Box 5.8"

Faberge Collection: Peacock Trinket Box.
Place of origin: St Petersburg, Russian Federation
Item condition: New
Item name: Peacock Trinket Box
Item size: 15 cm or 5.9" height
Item color: Pink, Green, Yellow
Box: Yes
Faberge Eggs which are displayed in my eBay store are made by Russian company from St.Petersburg. The  presents collection of jewelry eggs  are made on Faberge motives and in Faberge style. The eggs are made of brass and then gilded, all eggs are well decorated with enamel and with Austrian crystals. These Faberge eggs usually buy for gifts for Easter day but often as regular gifts for birthday or Christmas. Best quality is guaranteed
Price: $85.00

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