Terms of Use

All content on this site is the sole and exclusive property of I Limited, Incorporated, doing business as Style of Russia, and is not to be used for any commercial purposes, whatsoever.  Content from this site is to be copied, printed or retained solely for the purpose of the consideration or execution of purchases from the site.

Photo Representations

As many of the items sold on this site are unique and handpainted, the pictures provided herein may not be an exact representation of the actual item for sale.  Style of Russia ensures the photos are an accurate representation of its items.   Purchasing from this site represents customer's understanding of this disclaimer.

Money Back Guarantee

Style of Russia will provide store credit for customers who wish to return products that they have purchased from this site and are responsible for the shipping and insurance costs associated with such a return unless the product is defective and Style of Russia is unable to replace the product.  In such cases, customer may be entitled to a refund of purchase price if the cause of the defect is related to shipping of the product from the store.  The customer is entitled to a refund of purchase price and shipping costs if the quality of the product was originally defective from Style of Russia.

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